Friday, 1 October 2004

Zec Online Dnevnik: Changes?

Zec Online Dnevnik: Promjene/Changes ?
By "blog this" feature.
From this day on, minor ( or somehow ) big (? ) change will take place here at Zec Online Dnevnik. My pseudo-name for blogging here will stay Zec, and those who know me and have contacts with me have full knowledge of who I am
( my real identity ). So, it's never the issue here.
I am starting to write this blog in english. The desicion starts as of today.
Not sure yet whether it'll be pure english -worded blog or coctail regarding blog language. Croatish, somehow :))
Obviously, it depends a lot on my mood and inspiration. Yes, and time !
There are few reason for this sudden change.

First, my english skills aren't as good , and blog writing could be incentive for learning .

Second, it's about challenge ,too. I was more than one year ( and still am ) part of a great team of people ( Dario, Anderlon ) who invented, founded and run the first croatian weblogging service BLOG.HR since May 2004.
And my personal satisfaction lays in the fact that these Zec Online Dnevnik blog provided inspiration and ideas for young and clever web entreuprenuer Dario Markus who contacted me in the summer of 2003, for helping him set up first blogging tool in this part of the world.
And we did it . BLOG.HR is great success here in small Croatia and the culture of blogging is born.

Third, it's about possible communication with ''outside''(foreign blogosfere ) which I was part since early 2002 but language was obviouse barrier for meaningfull communication.

And, you reader ( if there are some ), please be gentle toward my writing and english grammar. I'll try to correct mistakes but It won't be hurdle for my further writing no matter how bad it could get.
Just for note, my first foreign language was allways - german.
Of course, every advice is welcome, but I'll be free to move on after that.

One more thing. Is there someone who's interested in writing ( blogging on english ) with me this blog ?

Please, if so, drop me a line in mail: dalibor [at] gmail [dot] com

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