Monday, 27 December 2004

What ?

Well, how I feel today ? Thanks for asking. Crappy . Variation on the theme.
Nothing important. But these weeks are tough, much to do, not so much time for myself. I am busy all the time. Week before Christmas was tough.
So, blogging must wait better mood and more time on my hands. We are in the last week this year.
Indeed, it was for me successful year. Really. Always could find space for "BUT". But what ?
I am observing myself right now. I am very intimate right now. My public diary and I. I don't wan't just news blog.
Blogging is about personality of its author, so should I more time reserve for personal stuff.
I feel I need more reflexion these days.

Sunday, 12 December 2004

Deported to Croatia after 18 years

A Croatian man deported from USA who lived 18 years illegally. The parking space dispute led authorities to investigate him. Bad luck !
I can't find a link where I read the story.

Start your own blogging service

21Publishing is interesting solution for everyone who wants to run weblogging service out of box and it is aimed for groups and organizations. That's how they are trying to be differerent.
But it comes at cost. As far as I can get, it's blog portal that one can set up and offer blog hosting for other users. No need to find programmers to build blogging tool from scratch. It's all there .
See how this wizzard explains !

Blog Superman !

So, Superman comic is guilty for the word ''blog'' !
Apparently, Superman comic book from 1959 mentioned Blog, and it was the name of a cavemen that was engaged when helping Louis Lane fighting dinosaurus.
Cavemen ? Altamira blogging :))))

Friday, 3 December 2004

Bad business-to-business app for web tenders

In today's Dnevnik business newspapers I saw an article about croatian B2B web service for tenders ( matching buyers and sellers for the products and service of smaller value , more than 5.000,oo kuna).
It's called OPEN ( in croatian : Oglasnik privatne nabave.)

I said, "wow" ! I thought for a while, "finally !!". But after I opened Open page / I was dissapointed. It's not properly executed and is a good laugh for me.
I am not making fool out of this service, just I am dissapointed. We can't here in Croatia make decent business web application. Shame !

After digging more deeper trough sidebar links I found out that aformentioned service is offered by the press cliping agency Briefing.

Oh, and Briefieng doesn't seem to understand living web around blogger's buzz and writing and their importance to properly service their clients. RSS is for their freelance contractors unknown and uncharted territory. But that-s another story...
As far as I can tell according to my sources.
Still, web service made by Briefing is good idea ( immature still ) but very bad executed. Just look at the user interface ( can you see login button immediatly ? )
Look at the carefully and marketing naive wording...

There are several legal constraints regarding web tenders services. First, they can't be legally offered for the companies from public sector ( where the biggest pie is , remember Narodne Novine), and second, it lacks know-how in Croatia for this service. Awareness , too !
One can argue about the second, but I believe it's the case.

Have I mentioned that press cliping agency Briefieng doesn't grasp online sources as a real-time generator of news and buzz of interest to their clients ? :)) My guess!
Ah, old-fashioned press clipping agency :) "Do you know what other write about you, your products and services on the living web ? " :P

Not so private anymore

Sometimes I ask myself the very same question when writing this blog in english.
What happened to my private thoughts and blogging about my private stuff?

I feel I've done more reporting after reading so many RSS feeds. It's all so newsy, or how should I call it ?
Opinions and attitudes is still there, fascination about small losely part of politics, economics, web, technology , blogging that makes me "high" is still there, but lacks personal stuff ?

Why so ? Do I feel I need it ? No. But this was allways part of this salad called Zec Online Journal. Maybe I write more news -oriented because of the language and because I feel I want do that right now.
Don't know what's the right answer .

Blogroll adition

I wonder why I have not already put Goran's blog on the blogroll list.

Very good read over there at Goran's blog called Svakodnevnica. Goran is from neighbouring country Serbia and writes about many interesting issues and has a very strong voice and opinion.

He's long -time blogger ( one of the first in Serbia ) and enthusiast about blogging, RSS and the one from whom could be learned much about software , web design and services, etc.

Wednesday, 1 December 2004

I really need to have some good sleep. Lately, too much work, too much stress.
As this article suggests....