Wednesday, 6 October 2004

Evan's message

Imagine where I found this news?
During regular inbox checking , in my gmail account's sidebar !
So, Evan Williams is leaving Google team. Evan was co-founder of the most popular blogging service in the world, namely
This news comes to me as surprise . Is he outgrown Google now when he cash out Google options ?
Eweek has a story. Even wrote about his departure on his blog.

Williams is a well-known figure in the blog-tools industry, regularly speaking and attending conferences on blogging and social software. He wrote that while he is interested in exploring a new Internet startup at some point, for now he plans to take time away from the hustle and bustle of the technology industry.

I can remember Evan's role from the beginning of my blogging odissey. I used to read his writing, thoughts and ideas. He wrote his blog pretty short and not so regular. I think he hadn't have RSS feeds for long time on his blog.
I think that his ideas and work helped very much for why blogging is so popular in some parts of the world, and the simplicity as a strategy for building simple and usefull blogging tools was partially voiding star for croatian blogging service BLOG.HR we introduced this May ( Myself included ) .
Evan co-founded Pyre Labs, provider of web hosted service Blogger and blog hosting called Blogspot. Other co-founders were Jason Shellen, Matt Haughey, and Meg Hourihan
Inovative story about blogging come from a small apartment in downtown San Francisco but soon team almost tear apart apparently because of some ego issues.
Here's story of how it all started confessed by Meg Hourhian.
Later on, in early 2003 , Google bought Blogger team and become blogger company with plans to tie up their marketing programs with living( blogging ) web.
In may this year Blogger had revamp , almost at the same time as we launched BLOG.HR service here in Croatia .
It's interesting to compare growth of popularity here in Croatia and the history from 1999 and 2000 US experience. Blogging culture is in very early phase here, about year 2000 ( comparing to growth ).
Since we are very small country, growth generation and general popularity of blogging is very fast and very hyped.
Next year we could expect more mature situation with blogging here in Croatia .

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