Monday, 11 October 2004

SoftCOM -cruising technology conference

SoftCOM conference has started yesterday , 12th year in a row. I was looking for news articles in croatian media and nowhere to found them.
Media coverage is apsolutly zero !

I wish I could be there on a ship ( named by Marco Polo ) while cruising on the adriatic coastline between Split- Dubrovnik ( Croatia ) and Venice ( Italy ). But I'll have to stay in the office :(

It's exciting to have technology conference on the ship. Although, it's more academic and research oriented conference .

I have been looking at the official web site and seems there'll be many interesting events on board. Commitee board is strong this year. Atendees are Naohisa Ohta, Sony Corporation, Japan, Alex Gelman, Panasonic Research, USA , Roch Glitho, Ericsson Research, Canada and many others.

SoftCOM 2004 will provide an open forum for communication and information technology researchers and engineers to discuss new and emerging systems, services and their applications particularly with emphasis on the ?soft? aspects and technologies.

Though, I don't get it , what's here ''soft'? :)
Would love to here firshand accounts from these symphosiums . There will be presented research papers about future wirelles systems.

Am I too much curious ? :) Yes, they are telling me this all the time .
Nevertheless, why croatian technology news sources are so shy when it comes to presenting such an event ?

They are first when it comes to covering IT news in the world and printing a press release of some obscur company who just offered great discountes for - bluetooth headphones :)
Oh, and why should I supposed to worry about all that ? :p

Still, a ship...See...Venice ( yes, dirty chanels in Venice )...but clean and too expensive Dubrovnik :)

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