Uncharted Waters For Casino Capitalism

Financial english idiom. The comin of the new dark age

Tommorow, the global stock market will have to ''price in'' following facts and new realities:

- S & P's downgrade of USA top-notch credit rating

- European soverign debt crisis - Italy and Spain bonds

- First signs of global economic slowdown, possible signs of the new recession

- the dollar is, de facto, no longer reserve currency

- China becomes officially the mightiest global superpower

- The reality of the full multi-polar geopolitical order

If you're in uncharted waters, you are in a situation that is unfamiliar to you, that you have no experience of and don't know what might happen. ('Unchartered waters' is an incorrect form that is a common mistake.)

Source: english dictionary


The Fall Of Capitalism

Print more money ! Fast !

Another global stock market sell-off. The biggest daily drop of major indexes since February 2009.

Socialism failed, and now capitalism is going bankrupt.

What will be ''third way'' ? Next 20-30 years will decide.