Thursday, 28 October 2004

Blogger users can make podcasting

Finally, there's an interesting solution for the people who can't alone make feed enclosures ( RSS 2.0 ) for the purpose of Podcasting. SmartCast is announced by FeedBurner three days ago( provider of smart feeds ).

If you're a Blogger publisher and you want to create a podcast, create items that point to your audio file (mp3s or torrents or whatever) in the link element, and then use our service. SmartCast will do what's necessary to make this feed podcast-able!

It's fantastic solution. Look what these folks at FeedBurner done further, they've set up podcasting community at bookmarking service.

Vauuu, although elitist by many counts, podcasting is fast web virus that is spreading before some basic question like copyright, bandwith are answered.

Podcasting is stupid name and it is confusing those who think that this is only for iPod users ( Apple connected) , but it's not, as Jake Ludington made excelent tutorial on how to podcast with Windows Media Player and some other MP3 player.

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