Saturday, 25 June 2005

Jajah webphone

Jajah is a killer phone software. I feel it ! If it works just like Robin Good says, it's my pleasure to have calls over Jajah . At the moment, I am still downloading Jajah so haven't tried yet.

Skype was pain in the ass, it drained my resources, bandwith over dial up, voice was distant. The community on Skype is most valuable, and seems that Jajah is interoperable in terms of buddy list.
Must look at Jajah rates for calling on regular phones.

Can't wait to ring my home phone. There are 5 minutes free prepaid.


Thanks to the Jajah team for contact and warm response. I know they are surprised with the adoption of Jajah and are busy handling the whole operation. Thanks for your additional explanation. Now, I am more convinced that good people are behind these project.
My review of Jajah expect sometime in the future. Currently , I am busy.

Sunday, 12 June 2005

Apple +Intel Inside

R.Cringley thinks Intel and Apple are posed for merger. The reason : Microsoft.
Interesting speculation. Apple announced this week that it will use Intel processors, starting 2006.

Super feed cheating

Google is super star on financial markets in US. Impressive indeed. But what then ? Take a look at this - SuperFeedSystem, new type of software available for automatic publishing and syndicating content ( via rss format ) , found over at Svakodnevica blog
How will that fit with various ad programs on the web like Google AdSense etc. ?

Friday, 10 June 2005

Lessons about nuclear weapons

Robert McNamara: Article in June's edition of Foreign Policy.

Robert S. McNamara was U.S. secretary of defense from 1961 to 1968 and president of the World Bank from 1968 to 1981.

The crucial words are here:

If the United States continues its current nuclear stance, over time, substantial proliferation of nuclear weapons will almost surely follow. Some, or all, of such nations as Egypt, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Taiwan will very likely initiate nuclear weapons programs, increasing both the risk of use of the weapons and the diversion of weapons and fissile materials into the hands of rogue states or terrorists. Diplomats and intelligence agencies believe Osama bin Laden has made several attempts to acquire nuclear weapons or fissile materials. It has been widely reported that Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, former director of Pakistan’s nuclear reactor complex, met with bin Laden several times. Were al Qaeda to acquire fissile materials, especially enriched uranium, its ability to produce nuclear weapons would be great. The knowledge of how to construct a simple gun-type nuclear device, like the one we dropped on Hiroshima, is now widespread. Experts have little doubt that terrorists could construct such a primitive device if they acquired the requisite enriched uranium material. Indeed, just last summer, at a meeting of the National Academy of Sciences, former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry said, “I have never been more fearful of a nuclear detonation than now.… There is a greater than 50 percent probability of a nuclear strike on U.S. targets within a decade.” I share his fears.

Intro podcast

Listen my podcast

Title: Short intro to my Zec Online podcast [ Listen now ! ]
Length: 0:21
Format: MP3

Description: Acctually, not my first podcast. Nobody knows here in Croatia I've put some of my audio files into RSS 2.0 available format long time ago, but nevermind...I don't expect someone will make big deal out of it. My ego is happy without any media attention. Who cares! Those in the know will...well, know !

Just a short voice intro, let's hear how it sounds. It's my pure real-life voice without any sound effects. The background music is Morcheeba.

Stay audioblogged....

Sunday, 5 June 2005


Some quick reminders on the news I left behind, I need to read them more carefully. Later.

Another RSS format for mass adoption>
Yahoo and its media RSS.

The talk Simon Waldman gave in Seul:

Internetwork start up companies.

Friday, 3 June 2005


This news got me into deep thinking in the afternoon :D
Here's what happened:
Doctors had to be called to separate the bride and best man after they were caught in the act during a wedding in Croatia.

The couple were trapped together by a muscle spasm after a friend of the groom walked in on them as they had sex in the toilets.

Oh , boy, someone won't get married so soon :-))