Friday, 6 January 2012

2011 Review

It was a great year. I don't count assholes on the road.

+ 10 340 points of experience. + 120 000 karma points. Health just fine. Got my mojo started in every corner of my zen interest. $$$$

Just great year, the best so far. And this year will be even better.

To say few things:

- done 21 live performances of folk music
- played guitar session with Slasgh
- had vodka with Ronnie Wood
- wrote 12 screenplays
- founded NLP cooperative
- worked as a waiter for many nights
- got my own apartment
- 3 days of full time nudism with great people
- brokered business for Qatar hedge fund
- consulted some of the top emerging entreprenurs in internet matters
- got published my short novel
- invested in social media PR agency with monthly growth of 130 %
- grow spiritualy, found my zen
- went to classes for connosieur
- organised 4 Web events
- wrote curriculum NLP for courtisans
- co-founded lounge music radio
- cooperated with UC University on Kansius machine
- meet some realy good people

And helluva more.

Kick the champagne ;)