Friday, 31 October 2008

G1 messphone

You still need a Sherlock Holmes for internet service on the phone

Who cares ? It's a fridge.
Not mobile phone but close to something more like console. Has somebody clicked ''ctrl+alt+del'' and erase the mobile internet ?
Let's just say it is an empty fridge :))
Now it is clear to me, we do not have a crisis of mobile hardware or design, but mobile content ;)) Another Google bluff :D

I wanna make special song ( the very first in the World , IMHO ) for G1 phone. Let's sing a song all the way to your retailer.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Collapse and ruins

When you see the ruins, there will be market bottom. Buy a gun

It's the end of the World, after they say. At least, some rules are changing but Tulip mania will come sooner or later again :))

In case you haven't read media lately and my last blog article, I have put up few follow-up links that describe the World and its current mindset/geist.
Let's repost these stories :

US retirement accounts have lost 2 trillion
So far and US only...

Iceland - the first souverign nation facing bankruptcy after global financial crisis
National state emergency

Pakistan's the second...after Iceland

Financial manager in LA killed his family
Money worries start to blow someone's mind and tragedy unfolds

Insolvency crisis among UK retailers in 2009 ?
Not aware about the troubles ahead, yet...

Hong Kong bank customers want their money back from banks
At any cost, riots looming...

Brazil and Argentina try trading without dollars
Greeenback not needed as before...

South Africa starts killer disease
Spreads like a plague

Stolen opium for those unhappy in the future
Happy pill for the masses

Russia's bull welcomes Cold War 2
Red Army marching...

Great Britain , de facto, makes agression against Iceland

Give us those geo-thermal wells or we will...

Funny ''flash'' Gordon acting King Arthur

Me, me, saving the World...

Sheriff's returning to the town
Too late, bankers got papers...