Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Summertime blues in Munchen

Olympics revisited ;)

Funny coincidence, an old bloging pal Robert Basic from Basic Thinking reposted my question referring to me as ''der alteste'' ( the oldest ) blogger from Croatia.
While it might not be true, I am packing to Munich – Germany this week , but I might be the first from Croatia officially entering European Union hahaha... Weird choice for making Urlaub in Bavaria , don't you think :D
You know we ( Croatia ) are in the process of joyning this peacefullly community of EU countries so I wanna prepare on time. Euro muntzen feeling :)

So, if anyone wants to show me the city, have a beer , has some shared rooms for few days, talk with me about Web status quo, going to some live rock concert , feel free to drop me mail.
The type of persons I enjoy- people from digital media and mobile telecom, journalists, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, women with ''curious'' attitude :))

My BlackBerry is killing me. I still haven't got used to SureType SMSsing.

Short note, a fellow Twitt from nearby Pitomaca got quoted in BBC News for FireEagle story. Dujkan matters :)

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Unsustainable billing arrangements for Twitter

Footing the bill for long-distance SMS

Sooner or later, it was bound to happen. Twitter stops SMS notifications for many users.
It is funny watching all those people from Web/internet backgrounds now in shock and awe. LOL :)
Like it was sustainable practice. Obviously, another prove that the US west coast miscalculated mobile ( telecom matters ).

We should be all reminded how ICQ messenger in the early days of Web ( I was using this feature around year 2000. ) was shutting down SMS feature as well ( for most countries, it is available only in few countries ).

Now when's blood on the street, I wanna buy a stake in Twitter and make another investment round BCDEFG ;))

Opposite to Twitter, Brightkite thinks they are just ready to add international text messaging as an option ( hahaha )

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

SMS safe landing

Got fuel ? Got SIM card topped up ?

Still wondering why SMS is such a powerful technology ?
If so, then hear about this texting and landing of a plane ?

Rnwy 3 clr, lndin gr dwn, prepr 4 lnding