Global Domination

I plan global commercial expansion and domination in specific markets.


5 attributes for 21st century success

Love of reading.

Thinking on your feet.

Be your own teacher.

Manage your attention.



Charming city in the southeastern Europe

Recently visited Sarajevo and had a good time there.


Curating Tweets

My latest idea of how I should blog.
Magic word is ''curation''. It doesn't take too much time.

I'll embed interesting tweet stories that pop up on my Twitter timeline.

Perfect publishing in my current circumstances.

The trust machine

Rumblr app

Davos 2016.


Business Dev

Plan - Do - Review

Roadtrip blues

We plan.

We do.

We review.

Assesment -> Planning -> Implementation -> Evaluation.

[ Now ] --- [ How ] --- [ Where ]

Goals -> Desired Outcomes -> Strategies -> Measure / Targets -> Results

1. Where do we want to go ?
2. How do we get there.
3. How do we measure success ?
4. How did we do ?
5. How can we improve ?