Monday, 26 May 2008

Scheme for rural broadband

Digital divide. Croatia and broadband policy. Urban vs. rural.
Talented off.

The forces of globalisation and progress have come to my little village in the croatian countryside years ago.

Satellite TVs, DVDs, supermarkets, etno restaurants, hotel with 4 stars, capitalism, swinger sex couples, sexual revolution, mobile mast towers, public bath, Playboy magazines, but broadband we do not have because our incumbent operator doesn't give a shit about ADSL for rural regions.

And boy do we have talented people but those are lacking decent information highway and we are bypassing those things with USB modems etc. Counting myself among those he he

It reminds of me and how I was missing sports career when I was very young ( I was talented football player ) because there wasn't anyone who would push me further and make connections with people from town , so I could go up and play for bigger clubs :))

Yesterday I read an article about , IMHO, failed project for ubiquity wireless connection.

Today, a news came from India. This is what I call ''right thinking''. Indian goverment will build $2-billion public-private partnership to provide broadband and internet connectivity in country's rural areas.

There are some other ideas for rural broadband, it all helps ( just a note to myself for later reading ):

- Australian scheme
- OECD review and policy paper
- UK rural broadband penetration
- The city of Ottawa

Cry :((

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Wi-Fi utopia

Cloud without sun

New York Times article I read today:
Martin Varsarsky and FON story.

I am skeptical and think it is non-doable ( not comprehensive solution ). Just a pipe dream.