Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Wikinvest - Finance Resource 2010

Portfolio tracker and wiki for finances

They claim the site is much more helpful for tracking your investments and portfolio then standard sites on the market like Yahoo Finance, CNBC etc.
Apparently, almost $ 100 million of people's portfolio's is already in.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

iPhone Costs

Total costs of ownership

Reminder to myself sometime in the future. Got iPhone 3GS in March ( 22.03)with 24 month contract at T-Mobile Croatia ( tariff i150 ).

Upfront cost is 3.000,00 kuna, 6 months paying 75,00 kunas, 18 months paying 150,00 kuna ( 1GB data, 150 minutes to all networks, 50 sms ).

In all, it's 1.080,00 dollars or 848,00 euro.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

25 Largest Hedge Fund Managers (2010)

Below is a list of the largest hedge funds managers in the world as of Q1 2010 including website and AUM:

Hedge Fund Location AUM Website
1. JP Morgan Asset Management New York, NY $53.5B www.jpmorgan.com
2. Bridgewater Associates Westport, CT $43.6B www.bwater.com
3. Paulson & Co. New York, NY $32B
4. Brevan Howard Asset Management London, UK $27.0B www.brevanhoward.com
5. Soros Fund Management New York, NY $27.0B
6. Man Group London, UK $25.3B www.mangroupplc.com
7. Och-Ziff Capital Management New York, NY $23.1B www.ozcap.com
8. D.E. Shaw Group New York, NY $23.0B www.deshaw.com
9. BlackRock New York, NY $21.0B www.blackrock.com
10. Farallon Capital Management San Francisco, CA $20.7B www.faralloncapital.com
11. Baupost Group Boston, MA $20.0B www.baupost.com
12. King Street Capital New York, NY $19.0B
13. Goldman Sachs Asset Management New York, NY $17.8B www.goldmansachs.com
14. Canyon Partners Los Angeles, CA $17.6B www.canyonpartners.com
15. BlueCrest Capital Management London, UK $17.3B www.bluecrestcapital.com
16. Elliot Management New York, NY $16.2B www.elliottmgmt.com
17. Landsowne Partners London, UK $15.0B www.lansdownepartners.com
18. Renaissance Technologies East Setauket, NY $15.2B www.rentec.com
19. Fortress Investment New York, NY $13.8B www.fortressinv.com
20. Eton Park Capital Management New York, NY $13.0B
21. Viking Global Investors Greenwich, CT $12.4B
22. Moore Capital Management New York, NY $12.4B
23. SAC Capital Partners Stamford, Ct $12.0B www.sac.com
24. GLG Partners London, UK $11.5B www.glgpartners.com
25. York Capital Management New York, NY $11.1B www.yorkcapital.com

Source: HedgeLists.com, Pensions and Investments

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Internet Usage 2010

Internet Stats
Via: Online Schools

Slash Hudson - A Hero Of Mine

Slash ( former Guns n' Roses )
Listen to his first solo album : Slash ( 2010 )

Slash send me personal message on Twitter after I told him he's the reason I started playing guitar in 1992. Thanks buddy !

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Smartphone Market Share - 1Q 2010

Smartphone market is in 1Q 2010 at 23 %, compared to 1Q 2009 at 16%
Simple pie chart shows current standing ( USA ):
Source: Nielsen

Thursday, 3 June 2010


It's a blessing when one finds quality business resources on the today's web.
Well I just find a gold mine.

Businessballs.com is for years around. Provides so much content for learning.
Very basic and advanced material.
Just ''print'' !

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Obsolete rambling about generation Y

Jun 2, 2010 by Zec

Rating: 3/10

The authors try to catch the spirit of the youngsters born between 1980-2000. These people are lazy crybabies, the kids of the Bulls era, not willing to work hard and do not respect any authority. The recession should make them rethink. Generation Y must gets yourself in order. Think different and be ready for more compromises.
Authors are lazy citing various reports from magazines, books and other research papers. Very weak style and poor judgment ( everything new will crash the old ). How untrue.

This hReview brought to you by the hReview Creator.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Charles Justiz: Specific Impulse

Longtime NASA pilot Charles Justiz writes what should be interesting plot. I got immediatly hooked up. The book's name Specific Impulse.

Space scientist, Carin Gonzales, and former submarine commander, Jake Sabio, are two strangers drifting separately through life when a mysterious explosion rocks them and brings them together.

Take a look book's trailer.