Friday, 8 October 2004

The Google saga

Fidelity, world's largest mutual fund , owns 16 percent of Google.
Now, this news comes as surprise to me. I am still sceptical about Google financial future, and won't put much hope for a long-term perspective ( Google is in my view still too shy about explaining their business, maybe one day ) although I think it's great company with constant inovation flow.
The second news from Google says that they launched yesterday a beta service to search web via SMS .
It works only in USA for now :((
This is great idea and I already wrote about something similar more than year ago asking myself why we don't have that kind of possibilities here in Croatia, since is well know Croatia has very deep penetration od mobile phones in every day life and croats are crazy about sending and recieving SMS ( short message service ).
As far as I know , no other search engine in the world has tied up searching web service with SMS.
Since I write about Google I'll check my news reader about other news regarding Google Inc.
And here's what I found, current news about Google ( above news excluded ):

  • Google launches Google Print
  • The Cost of Page Rank
  • Gmail adds Atom feeds
  • Use your Gmail account as online hard drive
  • First ranked news on Google News is- blog ( for the first time)
  • Google faces employee retention challenge


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