Sunday, 3 October 2004

Oil fight

There seems do be an open fight between croatian goverment and croatian state oil company INA.
Today, croatian television HRT broke the news about new price hikings on INA's gas stations. The rumor was that suggestions were made about new calculation for gas prices and were sent to Banski dvori ( Goverment's headquarter ).
Goverement officials are denaying that such a letter existed. Notable, Andrija Hebrang, croatian minister , said in an interview for HINA " he's not aware of any official letter ''.
But Vecernji list in tomorows edition writes it could be fight between various interest groups in which they try to gain positions for their goals in this almost unescapable situation. Main target could be Mr.Dragicevic ( CEO of INA ) .The world markets are dictating market prices for oil.
In this situation , croatian goverment few days ago asked INA to stop raising prices and suggested INA should lower its profit margins for targeted prices on gas stations.
In respons, if this rumors are verificated, INA made clear and pull decisive move to block state interventionism.
But, do have in mind, croatian goverment owns 75 percent stake of INA and hungarian company MOL owns 25 percent+one share.

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