Monday, 29 September 2008

Bank robberry of the century

Hands up, this is robberry

Off topic again, but I have to save an article for the future . Absolutely right diagnosis set up by Nouriel Roubini about global crunch ( contagion ) just upon the World.

Roubini: Not bail-out, but crap

So, what do you think , how many years in jail will Wall Street guys get for this bank robberry ? How many trials will be there for this criminal and irresponsible behaviour ?

Nobody in the media reports about the protests ( YouTube video ) going on in the lower Manhattan ( Wall St. ), not business as usual down there.

Roubini's main conclusion is this:

1. The plan is inefficient (ie, it doesn't discriminate between who ought to be saved or not, and in fact rewards those who created dud assets)

2. It runs counter to the best models of how to deal with this sort of problem

3. It does not punish current shareholders or management

Follow up articles to note:

US retirement accounts have lost 2 trillion
So far and US only...

Iceland - the first souverign nation facing bankruptcy after global financial crisis
National state emergency

Pakistan's the second...after Iceland

Financial manager in LA killed his family
Money worries start to blow someone's mind and tragedy unfolds

Insolvency crisis among UK retailers in 2009 ?
Not aware about the troubles ahead, yet...

Hong Kong bank customers want their money back from banks
At any cost, riots looming...

Brazil and Argentina try trading without dollars
Greeenback not needed as before...

South Africa starts killer disease
Spreads like a plague

Stolen opium for those unhappy in the future
Happy pill for the masses

Russia's bull welcomes Cold War 2

Red Army marching...

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Address book as mobile Web's digital identity

OK, I have an idea. Unifying data behind your address/phone book name or nick name as a mobile URI and registered as an internet service.

People are in need to connect on the internet when on the go. Mobile phones do have these days more access to the Web.
But if they don't '''surf'' web pages ( limited usability ) they look for specific information , but one of the more compeling reasons to do this would be to search for information about people they know or might know ( socializing )

What if we think about address book in your mobile phone as your unique mobile URI ( uniform resource identifier ).

Could you as a mobile subscriber register ( to your operator or to some third party ) your address book name or nick name so that every mobile phone can search ( via phone's phone book ) and access your digital presence ( digital stuff ) which could be stored in a ''digital box'' ( as a type of mobile hosting service ) somewhere on the server ?

Your mobile pocket filled with stuff like Facebook or MySpace profile homepage .
Zipiko is an interesting model for connecting and communicating with others, and mobile URI would be of great help to those type of services.
Yes, do most people know where's browser on the phone at all ?
What if one of those ''internet browsers'' is in your phone book ?

Now, think about your phone as a tool for exchange . You can use your address book for this as well. Just send your photos or movies to someone from your A-book.
Yes, operators, bandwith and updating data from mobile phone is an issue , but looks interesting to me.

I am sure somebody already thought about this paradigm. Maybe Nokia's Ovi portal could be doing something with such an idea. Remember Nokia's Mobile Web Server project, but a bit different model.

Look how japanese used phone book in 2007.

Poll: Other than address book information, what sort of data have you exchanged with other people? (Sample size=mobile phone address book users, multiple answer)

Own phone number, mail address 44.1%
Photos and movies 35.0%
Downloaded pictures 8.0%
Deco mail animated emoticon 7.5%
Music data 6.9%
Schedule data 2.0%
Games 1.6%
Work-related data 1.1%
Other 0.9%
Nothing in particular 39.9%
No answer 0.5%

Even though I was in a camp for .mobi domain introduction, I wish to see this type of mobile URI funcionality implemented in the future.