Sunday, 17 October 2004

Podcasting buzz

There seems to be much noise these days around blogosphere about podcasting. Truly great way for distributing audio content over web. How to...

But for some time it won't be for Mr.Everybody with a lots of bandwith and hosting storage.

At this early stage it's only expensive and have very little add value in my opinion. It 's one of those blogosphere hyped fads. Still, thank god, one should not have iPod to make podcasting and the iPodder sofware is born.
But RSS with enclosure is here to stay.

Podcasting obviously has it's fans who will show all possible applications and plug ins for the practices of distributing audio content over web ( not mobile networks ).

My question is however, how to pay for the bandwith and hosting files as an ordinary web user ?
I think commercial institution will make the most of these concepts of podcasting as the way of distributing their audio content to the end user in on -demad fashion.

It's easy to put ads that way , too.

Again, there will be need for some web based services who will aggregate available audio content and make it easy to navigate for average web user.
Issues about copyright should be resolved before it can be adopted by some mainstream content producers.

And the real "party" could make mobile operators when they offer audio streaming for storage rich mobile devices in the future, and it'll have more broader impact than podcasting. ( recently news are pointing in that direction )

But still, what about battery life ? ;)) What about content producing for a Mr.Everybody and make it accesable to anyone on mobile phone ? Web is more useful for the distribution than mobile networks .
Not yet clear to me.

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