Monday, 30 May 2005

Finishing my thoughts about podcasting/audioblogging

My thoughts regarding ''podcasting'' or audioblogging aren't finished.

Lately, I've been exploring above mentioned subject . It was sometime in October / September last year when I heard about podcasting during Web 2.0 conference . The meme spread like a wildfire since than , mainly good-old-techno -hype and mainstream press furiously got on the board ( latest news are that ABC and NBC introduced podcasts ). And all that even we had mp3 files available for downloading for years.

But hey, more people got MP3 players that it was ever before. RSS is here, broadband is ready, little laziness about automatic downloading via podcastcher. Perfect ingrediends for another exciting thing.

I was skeptical. We heard sentences like ''move on blogging, podcasting is here''. Crap. There was even revolution on some minds. Crap. One doesn't exlude other in this case. They say ''it's TIVO for radio''.
Oh, very lean technology indeed, just not much people need to use it.

The biggest crap, IMHO, is when I hear people saying ''podcasting is synonim for audioblogging''. Far from true ! Audioblogging is posting audio files on your web/log/site ( can you make distinction; posting your simple voice-talk recording within template driven page with simple commands and interface for doing so ).

Podcasting is producing audio files/shows/broadcasts ( in MB sizes ) enveloped with RSS 2.0 distribution mechanism including music mixes, effects, screenplay, concept etc ( can you see distinction how is this richer, harder to make, just not simple and for average user) .

Here's why.

I remember very well how it was when I opened my first ( text ) blog over at It was fast, instant and published in a second. I could do edits very fast and they were simple. It was all that simple. Nice user interface helped a lot. Write, bold, add a picture and publish onto your free blog space under choosen subdomain.

The process of creating audio file and publishing on the web requires some resources. Knowledge comes at first.
Here how it goes creating and publishing podcast:

- create audio file with audio editor (desktop app), learn how to do it if you do not know
- don't make fool out of yourself and record crappy file :))
- convert that file to MP3 format
- assume you have a storage place on the server to host these files ( yes, I know about Our Media, Lybsin, Internet archive )
- open your FTP program and transfere mp3 files on the server
- assume you have blog/web site with RSS 2.0
- post it on your blog with short notice, and relevant links on the mp3 file
- optional- have enough storage space and available bandwith, and be prepared for slashdotting effects to pay all your hosting bills.

Too many processes, too many handlings and too many knowledge and resources ( bandwith, storage ).

Where are web based audio editors for creating mp3 files ? Where's simple user interface ? Where's javascript generation of ''badge'' as a choice to link podcast list on your domain of choice ( remember how Flickr has badge option so I can paste as a list of my pictures on my blog of choice for quick showing- granulation and transfere is important here) ?

Conclusion: Podcasting isn't convenient yet. It is not synonim for audioblogging as some implied. It's not popular among average internet user ( it's elitists, broadband is still lagging for most people ) and everyone doesn't have need or purpose to do so few times a week. But it's fun. It saves time for listeners sometime .

It's good for learning, music discovering, creativity triving, info junkies, presentations and relevant content will show up .

Audioblogging should be simple, web based, modular, and transferable. Podcasting should be just as it is, but needs to invent simple interface and accept open standards.
Podcasting won't create craze about mp3 players and have in mind that mp3 players compete with mobile phones sometime in the future. That's where I see opportunities .

Only then, eventually, audioblogging and podcasting will come closer . But who cares !

Sunday, 29 May 2005

Why suddenly ''No'' ?

France is voting today about EU constitution and is ready to say --No--.
An excelent article about EU constitution and why is it not much different from Treaty of Rome ( 1957 ) , why is it worth to have such constitution and say ''Yes'' explains Paul Reynolds - World Affairs correspondent for BBC News website.

Saturday, 28 May 2005

Saudi Arabia awaits new ruler

What is the state of oil prices in financial markets ?
I've looked for it after reading BBC report for the health condition of Saudi King Fahd.
Latest news are telling that markets aren't jitter about possible Saudi Arabia power swap.
US summer season drives prices up, according to agency news reports.

Some say the rush on oil is over and one should stay away from oil investing.
For commodity markets, there's apparently an opportunity for sugar and cotton in the following years.

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Podcasting your blog content

These two software pieces translate blog/news content into ready podcasting files : Talkr and Speakwire to remember as a solution text-to-podcast.
Does someone has experience using it ?

Odeo will try

Article to read about simplifying podcasting. Time for Odeo.
It needs to be really simple.

Podcasting and individualism

Thinking today about podcasting and audioblogging. Then mix up radio. Internet and radio are different. Let's see, one has a mp3 player. It's a deep individualism ( only you can hear files , not other around you) , It's a democratic process by nature ( you don't force people to listen what you're listening and likes ) .
Even when there is proliferation of mp3 players, how do you set up mass audience for podcasting ( from the view of producer ) ?
You don't.
The answer should be ''Long tail'' approach.

Audio homework

Integrating podcasting concept into education is a brave and inovative act. Canadian professor might be one of the first who will ask the students to make another audio files as a education task. Bring your MP3 player and learn. Wooh.

Via I Love Radio. Org

Friday, 20 May 2005

Personalized Google, again

The Google Lab shows how personalized page should look like. To me, it looks very poor. Like they are trying to bridge time-to-market with services that Yahoo and MSN already done.

Soic, your mail was blocked

My friend Soic from Zagreb read my blog about month ago and send me an email . I replied but seems the message wasn't delivered to him because of some strange server issues at his part of the chanel.
So, Mr. Soic, if you are reading these lines, drop me another mail to make it work better this time.
Hope to hear soon !

Hedge funds on german

I had noticed over at nice link that points to coverage in today's german newspaper Die Welt dedicated to hedge funds. These are heavy weight ( and heavy unregulated ) financial entities that are moving every day a lot of money in the capital markets all over the world.

One identity, one person, all the web

Another distributed identity system called OpenID. It should be something decentralised. I didn't play much, but I'm posting this as a reminder to try it in the future and look how it works.

I am annoyed lately by the constant need for logging when using various services on the web. Would be nice that web could have more simple and secure systems for identity and authorisation. It seems to be utopia for some time, or I 've missed something ?

To be ''Seamless'' in digital world

What they were talking about ?
Chief technology officers of Microsoft, Sony and Yahoo gathered for an evening in Sillicon Valey to discuss technology development of the coming years.

Groupware for small teams

What to choose when looking for open source groupware app ?
The place I am currently looking is OpenSource CMS site with demo showcase of every app.

I need small, flexibel, modular and useful app for managing small teams over the web. Groupware app will be web based workplace, central point of interaction between team members.

It's only one small piece in the puzzle of so called ''virtual company''. If possible, why not.
After then, I'll be looking for outsourced solution for accounting and finance reporting.
After that...who knows.

Monday, 16 May 2005

Ontology hype

Is it the same mistake done few years ago comparing current onotology hype to DMOZ projects and other directory mantra.
Sorting relevant internet content into structured logic is a bit avanturistic, IMHO.
I liked this part:
One reason Google was adopted so quickly when it came along is that Google understood there is no shelf, and that there is no file system. Google can decide what goes with what after hearing from the user, rather than trying to predict in advance what it is you need to know.

Shirky posted long article about something very simple and clear to me.
The main principle for the state of the web is people's need for , what I call, ''private web for all '' .
My private web, my private context and information and resources that I need in a given time. That's it.

Sunday, 15 May 2005


According to some japanese bloggers, there's new craze about so called ''erogs'' in Japan.

Chinese way

Google heads for China. Why so late? Apparently, they got operational license and opened some job positions. Reuters has a story too.

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Open source license: KPL

Another open source license is considered in India. Cnet reports.

"Let me tell you my dream: Today, India is a net taker in the open-source community. In four years, I want the world to recognize India as a net giver, and that is entirely possible" he said.

Saturday, 7 May 2005

Sunday, 1 May 2005

Norway hates oil

Interesting economic agenda, taxing on cars in Norway. Suppose they are country with chaotic living distances, it comes as surprise to me. It's very rare among oil exporting countries.
These policies have resulted in one of the lowest car-ownership rates in Europe and fuel-efficient Volkswagens and Peugeots far outnumber big sport utility vehicles on its roads.

Asterisk GUI

Asterisk is great IP solution but it doesn have simple user interface. Therefore, numerouse companies are building user interface managers for handling complex Asterisk PBX solution.
Here are some of these companies>
Third Lane Tech
Bicom Systems