Monday, 21 February 2005

Igor Mandic of the past, welcome on board

What happend in croatian blogosphere lately ? is something really amazing and I shall say one more time for those that can hear. project is global story !

Igor Mandic, well-known croatian critics wrote a column about blog authors the other day. Wow, respected columnist who has a name but hasn't have a clue about future.
He trashed them and of course, missed the point completly.
I recommend him to read opinion piece in Wall Street Journal.

Blog spamming is anoying

Blog spam is getting bigger. I noticed today I got few alerts in my inbox showing new anonimous comments here on the blog. It's spammer's comments targeting older posts.
I saw today that Jeremy Zawodny is posting about Web Spam mini-session over at Yahoo place in Sunnyvale that will be held and organised by the people behind Technorati.
It seems it'll be more talk about so calle "no follow" atributte.

The Queen of Blogosphere

Associated Press ran an interesting story about Mena Trott, cofounder of Six Apart ( the biggest blogging company for burning cash into thin air ) , who seems to be just one of the many narcisist ( or shall I call it ambitious ) floating around blogosphere.
Interesting facts to read on the sideline of the blogosphere .
The qoute says all

"We realized pretty quickly that we wanted to influence the future of blogging," Mena Trott said. "We would have felt terrible if blogging became something big and we ended up only being a footnote."

Thursday, 17 February 2005

How true

Today's quote:
"Information wants to be free, but it costs a lot to create it. That's where value and cost comes in,"
said Scott Marden.

Tuesday, 15 February 2005


Hello my mobile phone in year 2007 !

It's just terminal. A piece of silicon or plastic box with personal look and feel , nice colorfull screen and add on jackets ( to plug my accoustic guitar sometimes, just joking ;)
It's a cheap device, it's people's mobile phone.

You interact with your phone, at least so loud when you'are alone :))

How do you do ?
Thanks, fine, and you ? Here's what it ( Your mobile digital assistant) recommends to you today ; dial 1 for audio, dial 2 for video, dial 3 for text projections.
Think of it as an Amazon recommendation engine.

Splash...splash, roll out list and move your fingers over menu. If you don't like what you see, just create alert to the network for the content you are interested in and the alert should come down to the phone when it finds it( okey, let's not pretend, it should be power of the magnitude like Mobile Google ;))

Mobile phone has a storage of at least 20 GB. Strong battery life over 3 days after heavy use of mobile media.
The mobile phone cost is less than $ 200 . ( Flexotronics and MS )
It has streaming mode that allows access to various type of content ON DEMAND, with flat rate pricing or free content .
I need to have mobile operator that doesn't block ports. I need to have option and free will on my hands to install any application I want , let's put Skype for example on my headset , so, when I would move with my Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone in hot zones to be able to make calls over VOIP.

All the data on my phone must be enabled "to move around ". From my mobile to TV, mobile to PC, mobile to mobile, mobile to carriers network, for free and seamlessly. All my media files should be synched easly and have full backup and unbreakable security ( too much to ask ? )

My mobile phone should stream live feeds from web cameras and security cameras if need it. Take this for example, I have an appointed meeting with my friend in the coffeehouse and I want to check and connect over the public camera installed in the coffehouse and see who's there.

It's all other's content that is pulled/beign pushed to my phone. But wait a minute, I want to make MY CONTENT, I want to generate some content and show it to the world. I need the small digital mobile house, storage space and bandwith for which I pay as a bundled service to the operators/providers ( that provide acces or content ). Great, now I can connect the content to my blog content ( could be using LifeBlog or any other open source app with the same purpose ).

Now, I am making my media, and do I want this content to be licenced or free ? Tough question indeed !

To be continued...

Thursday, 10 February 2005

For what and why not?

I have not read better article about broadband such as this. Early adopter and geek tells his story about the broadband usage and personal experience with fast internet.
Really interesting look at high speed internet world. Still, who would not like from time to time to have a faster web connection . It is the same as getting better TV signal , when you compare it to TV medium
But, demand is very slow and the pricing is very dumb all around the world for access to " web pipes ". So, it's not all in the broadband.
People are still trying to figure how to use it effectively and...healthy.

Monday, 7 February 2005

Web entreprenuership - The restructuring phase

The internet is in a big evolution , I belive. I am focusing on business perspective here.

A lots of great apps, software and services but very little earning margins for those who made it happen. Is it again the argument about the lack of scarcity in web era which I like to preach people ?:))

The things are moving abroad ( I am not in the US but in Croatia, Europe) , and seems getting off US/North American centric view on internet business and e-commerce . The rest of the world is catching very fast. India and China and Asia in general. Sillicon Valley is losing second powerfull pillar ( outsourcing...). I think we ( in Croatia ;) will be wittnessing Venture Capital money going off US and North American Internet firms ( or at least in those with strong international operations ). It won't come here in Croatia. At least , not now ;)
Today's news I randomly saw aren't reliable argument for that. But wait, let's look at some of today's internet related news.
Ebay troubles with growth, is down on margins, CNET drops...
And who can deny Amazon report for their last quarter?
Where's the money in internet business tommorow ? Maybe somewhere out of US.

Powerful forces are at play. Cash out those Google options or stocks:))

Sunday, 6 February 2005

The Google bomb

Let's play with Google almost like in Casino , says an internaut ( Tom Foremski) .
How to destroy Google with $ 100 million ?

So, Foremski's "atom bomb" for Google would be if a random billionaire offered $100 million to the first person to click on a specific Google ad -- without telling anyone (of course) what ad it is. In other words, this billionaire will have given millions of people the incentive to commit clickfraud -- destroying the basis under which the AdWords system works

Request for Qualifications Statement and Interest

It will be my public unofficial "Request for Qualifications Statement and Interest " RFQSI, for someone if it finds interesting. (At the end of the article is a note for the information that must be supplied in mail.)
The Project would be web application based on LAMP , usefull for the internet users and in the end, I belive, acceptable and popular by end users here in Croatia.
But the details could be obtained only via mail. So, please do mail me.

An idea is boiling in my head for some time. It's about an usefull internet service currently needed in Croatia. The concept is clean and ready but only in preliminary phase and not certain it will be for real.. Those who think can contribute to the project with their resources ( programming skills, dedicated hosting, user interface, server administration etc. ) are invited to mail.
It's only first phase, the concept is copyrighted and under trademark, so it's not for grab by greedy internet sharks. Just for note...

Personally, I don't belive someone will initiate interest into it, but who knows...

Please do note, the above mentioned statement must contain following information :

a.) Name and surname,
b.) Telephone number ( fixed line and mobile ),
c.) short summary of what do you offer ,
d.) your skills in web application development, design, or building and designing
internet services and web pages, and any other skill you find could be of
interest in the project,
e.) what do you do currently ( job description or unemployed etc.)

If you find this requirements too formal for your taste, then just move on and leave this blog. And if you'll ask only what I have to offer, then we won't dissuss the project at all, since this is only preliminary phase.

Saturday, 5 February 2005

Sharing Firefox/IE- more eyes for your browsing places

Jybe is interesting piece of software, above all free. It's a great tool for sharing your browser's view with others in real-time, so called sharing-screen technology.
I can imagine lots of useful actions with Jybe. They say it's very intuitive to use. Robin Good has a review.

Let's say, you collaborate with someone online, you both have Jybe toolbar in your favorite browser, and you create session where you both surf the same web page, one leads the action and does presentation etc.
Tutorial, explanations, short introductions, presentations...It can be done in real time. Suppose you have Skype for audio communication between collaborators and it could be great experience.

Take this, do some learning of how to set up some things over web hosting, or explaining how to use internet banking...The possibilities are endless.

Magazines hoping on links

Join the dots.
This and this news piece have something in common. It happend to me during reading Financial Times early in the morning.
Magazines must operate with dual approach. Brick and mortar plus online edition doing extensivly linking to other places on the web.
It is a must for the magazines publishers to gain wider impact and to stay relevant for their advertisers.
Period !

Friday, 4 February 2005

Case Gotovina 1.00

Gotovina need's to be in Hague till 17th March. Gotovina Ante is croatian general and unresolved issue for croatian negotiation talks with EU for our membership in EU.
What's new today? National Security Council met late afternoon in Vila Weiss in Zagreb. The secret service presented their informations about the case. Lot's of hard air and noises around the meething room, I guess. They were all their. The president, the prime minister, security chiefs. It was like crisis meething. War room. The Politicians that gather . The Public is excluded. The media are hungry to get the snippets.
Few building and few miles away, young people with new housing contracts, were diging through "Watson" which is software specialized for security and tracking and presenting sensitive informations. The building is just some normal with dark glasses. It's not a thriller and I am not pretending to be thriller writer ;)