Monday, 30 April 2012

Jobs for bloggers

There are some...

Just a note to myself about jobs for bloggers.

When I started my blog in 2001., there were no available jobs for bloggers and no job description for such title.

Now, in 2012., I am aware of the few such jobs, so I'll just quote some descriptions, this one is for medical blog site copywriter:

We require content written for a clients new web site.

We estimate each piece of copy will be between 500-1000 words. The text will aim to give a detailed overview of the treatment, and answer common questions about the treatment giving the reader an indication of whether the treatment would be right for them.

All of the copy will have to have to follow strong brand guidelines, and an in depth medical knowledge of the treatments. This company are doctor led, so require a high degree of medical knowledge throughout the site copy.

If you think this sounds like something you would like to work on then could you answer the following questions. We will be starting the work almost immediately so if you fit the profile of someone we are looking for then you will be contacted with specific requirements and article titles.
• How much do you charge? (Cost per word)
• On average how quickly could you turn around a 500-1000 word article?
• Could you please provide examples of applicable relevant copy, and provide a brief description of experience relevant to this task?
• Do you have sufficient medical knowledge?

Following description is for blog writer by some media company:

We are looking for a flexible content writer to provide engaging, topical guest posts on a wide variety of subjects.

Most good blog owners will not accept generic posts that don't add value to their blog, so we're looking for someone who can provide bulk orders of interesting content that will appeal to bloggers and would be appealing to their readers.

This type of blogging tends to require a small amount of research to produce posts along the lines of '5 ways to reduce your energy bills today' or 'the funniest socks ever made' - the titles will be for you to write, but we will provide keywords for SEO purposes.