Saturday, 23 October 2004

Otaku mobile TV

How many times should I repeat to those folks from business skycrapers ( mobile communication companies ) that I don't want TV on my mobile phone. Said that, I mean that, I'll do that.
It's so silly idea and I just can't figure it out why industry insiders are pushing blindfolded these concepts ?
I really can't understand. Am i missing something ?
It's so simple .
This article is so so so so so ( one more time: soooo ) stupid and I am laughing like a mad :)))

For example, when the BBC made its first colour TV broadcast in the summer of 1967, producers and writers came alive to the possibilities of the medium. 37 years later and the mobile phone industry is embracing colour screen technology. Colour screens have had the effect of shifting the perception of the mobile phone from being a tool for voice calls to becoming an entertainment device, and are a key driver in the purchase/upgrade cycle for handsets.

Oh my, oh my...the sky is falling :)) Don't you know that "color screens are shifting the perception of the mobile phone industry" ....:)))))

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