Thursday, 17 March 2016

Naton HR Global: Croatia

Naton HR Global: Croatia: Naton HR  - Kadrovska rešenja, Naton HR je regionalna agencija koja se bavi posredovanjem pri zapošljavanju,...

Internet Of Wine


Networked sensors ( MyOmega ) provide a detailed insight into the soil and climate conditions in the vineyard.

Digital Single EU market

"A European start-up today needs 28 lawyers to understand 28 privacy laws," said Oettinger, the Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society.

"We need a Gigabit infrastructure for a Gigabit economy," Oettinger said. This means integrating techniques like vectoring, fiberglass and 5G. Only then can the visions of self-propelled vehicles, e-medicine, e-government and e-learning be realized.

Efficient Procurement

Procurement Full Suite

T-Systems partner Ivalua is showcasing suite at CeBIT 2016 that enables companies to optimize their procurement processes and so get more added value from them.

Mobile Server Farm

Huawei plug-&-play container data centers.

Software to solve business process automation

Process mining

Lana Labs will provide companies with so-called Conformance Check - checking of matches and mismatches of processes can take place automatically with specified models, so bottlenecks, duplication of work or errors during process operation can be pinpointed efficiently and are fact based.

Iti is replacing manual analyses and gut decisions.

Source: Hasso-Plattner- Institute Potsdam


Heard about TrueNorth ?

It's the IBM's chip for Internet-Of-Things. It was showcased at the CeBIT 2016. in Hannover.
It mimics human neural networks. IT that thinks.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Win at work

Up your game

Game on. Always improve your game.

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