Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Walkman phone w960i

Multimedia phone for beauty contest

Sony Ericsson W960i is entering ''modern'' aproach to mobile handset design and goes after iPhone and N95 market product range ( modern you bet, nice wording ;).

Beautiful design with superb functionality and easy controls ( at least for music, I am not sure how they'll implement it for Web experience ) .
A holy grail of a multimedia handset.

It seems to be more evolutionary approach then revolutionary ( Apple's way ) . Sony Ericsson doesn't insist on radically addressing poor handset controls but making it somehow hybrid ( buttons still there ).

W960 looks powerful:
- memory : 8GB
- Symbian™ OS
- 2.6" Touch screen
- 3.2 mega pixel with Auto Focus
- USB Mass storage device
- Video recording at 320X240 with 15fps in mpeg4 for Video & AAC for audio
- MS Exchange ActiveSync
- Jog Dial
- Document editors

Photo from Esato

My sinful vision for iPhone

Mea culpa, ring, ring.

Oh boy, I was wrong about Google involvement with Apple and iPhone project.
Mea culpa.
Seems I had connected wrong dots, but that doesn't make me to give up of the vision that includes some sort of mobile mashup services : Maps&Local Search&visual search and image processing .
Far from that. I think it will be doable.

I'll now stop writing about iPhone ( directly ) for some time. Maybe the best review ( altough PDA-centric ) by iPhone user I found to this day is posted on PDAPhone forum.

Google & Apple partnership is totally unclear to me right now. They collaborated on what exactly ? Putting YouTube icon on iPhone ? Really ?