Friday, 8 October 2004


As I already wrote, I've done some changes for this blog. The title of the blog isn't anymore "Zec Online Dnevnik", but now stands for "Zec Online Journal". Naturally...No big deal, yeah.
Default languge isn't croatian anymore but broken english because of reasons I already explained.

Today, I made complete overhaul regarding language of this blog. Sidebar is now newly organized, and all links are translated in english.
Only basic elements and links should stay. So, it's nothing so much new. Some of these links are on my blog for a long time.
Detailed explanation for better organised sidebar:

  • changed section "who and what";
  • Google box: searching older posts and web;
  • xml/rss button for reading content via RSS feeds:
  • blog optimization for reading on mobile devices;
  • finaly, after almost 3 years of blogging , picture is up;
  • contact information;mail and quick chat feature;
  • Photo/mobile blog or journal/gallery
  • web bookmarks;
  • my micropublishing efforts for focused content;
  • latest syndicated news from mainstream sources and blogosphere;
  • blogroll ( only not current and up to date )
  • latest articles;
  • archives from 2002 to 2004.;
  • disclaimer

    Today I looked at my blogger profile page and saw an interesting number, namely, user stats counts blog posts and the number currently stays at 989.
    This week I'll write 1000-th article for this blog.
    I expect more to come :P

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