Sunday, 17 October 2004

Social web space for music

It's a kind an interesting social networking hub for music listeners called LAST FM. Today found out about this web service. Here's FAQ.

Didn't try it much, but it enables to connect people with similar music tastes. As far as I can see, members have to build profile and name their favorite tracks and artists so they can be accesible for others ( you can put small icon signed as Personal radio on your blog or web site that will deliver over MP3 player your picked tracks to the visitors who want to listen ).

I can imagine how music critics could use this feature on their personal weblogs/web sites or any music related web space.
Why not recording labels to use this social component for discovering new music and founding what goes and what not ( having in mind aggregate tastes for specific music generes ), or using it like a hub for customer loyalty ? is in beta and it seems they are starving for cash ( they are paying licencing fees ) , so their goal could be subscription service.
And it does not play well for dial -up/modem connection.
It's a toy for western broadband societies :))

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