Friday, 28 July 2017

Tour Announcement

Hotova Music presents



29.07. - Sarajevo

04.08. - Zagreb

06.08. - Ljubljana

11.08. - Beograd

13.08. - Skopje

16.08. - Podgorica

All shows begin at 9 PM.

Free entry.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Rereading Ulysses

Re-reading book Ulysses by James Joyce. Wanted to do it for some time. Read so much about the book and its importance. It was in my book curriculum at the high school but at the time this book was not interested to me.

At first, I was confused how hard it is to read it. It's a chaotic and unstructured book with no straightforward meaning.

After first 100 pages it came to me that this book is really written by the genius.

I felt it is actually very revealing to would-be-writers. I felt that Joyce wanted to demonstrate how it is easy to write. Just fix those words on the paper and wait for the miracle to happen.

Everybody can write in small sized bits, in episodes of daily life with the stream of conscionesses.

It's very liberating for the writers.

I am looking forwared for the next 200 pages.

My online learning platforms

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Current book: Jo Nesbo - Phantom

Oslo ?

While reading about Oslo...

Rural Property Croatia

I'm in business. Follow my passion.

Homes, property sales and services in the countryside of rural inland Croatia

Coordinator rulez !

I really like that notion, ''manager'' is an old-fashioned title. I prefer to call those people ''PROJECT COORDINATOR ''


Project coordinators must be flexible and adept at multi-tasking, as they are generally required to perform a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis, sometimes even simultaneously. While the specific role of the project coordinator will vary somewhat from company to company, the following are tasks that project coordinators are typically expected to accomplish.

Organize meetings, team celebrations

Arrange for meetings between team members, and between team members and clients

Record minutes at meetings

Keep detailed project notes and records

Develop project strategies

Create project schedules

Create task lists for team members

Monitor project progress, budget, hours, etc

Track and manage incoming paperwork

Keep all members of the team up-to-date with current information and paperwork

Communicate with team members to ensure optimal strategy and maximum efficiency

Magazine: The Outline

The Outline is a new kind of publication for a new kind of human. We made this thing because we believe that the right story told in the right way can change someone's life. But telling the right stories for right now — and telling them in a way that's meaningful and modern — isn't going to happen by itself. We have to make it happen.

Our foundational reason for building The Outline is that we're really excited about putting something into the world that wasn't there before. Our coverage focuses on three topics that are increasingly converging in strange and important ways: power (who has it, who wants it, and what do they do when they get it?), culture (the way we live and communicate), and the future (where we’re going next).

We’re not telling any of these stories just because there’s space to fill in your day. We’re telling them because we think there's a whole other narrative happening in the world that's unseen, underreported, or dismissed altogether.

If we have a central goal, it's to feed your curiosity and intelligence with as much respect and honesty as possible. No games, just something fucking interesting every day.

If you really want to see what we’re about, go and explore our stories. And remember: getting lost can be good.

High School Reunion

1997 - 2017

It's been 20 years since the end of the high school.
The old friends will come together to celebrate this anniversary.
Opportunity to connect with old folks, those that will show up.
It'll be quite evening full chatter, I guess.

In 1997 most of us had no idea what they want from life. We didn't knew which university to attend, what we want to become.
No sense of future.

Pure improvisation.

No real role models.

Time have changed since then. We did grow up into full adults. At least most of us.

I wouldn't go back to those years. I like more my current life setup. I do regret few things but nothing major.

I have more control over my life right now then ever before. I am more aware of everything around myself and know how the World works.

I still wait to make some important accomplishments. I'm sure I'm heading in the right direction.