Saturday, 27 January 2007

Tongue Talk

Chat with her clitoris

Sexual human being as I am, I like sex.
My girl offers me sometimes to ''talk'' with her clitoris :)
No need to tell me twice !

- I'm coming dear !
- Would you like to talk with my clitoris ?
- My pleasure.

And then we go on with ''communication''.
Long time ago I read a small tip by some ''oral expert'' about spelling words when touching clitoris with lips.

- A, B, C, D.....S, R, R, R....B, B... ( splash )
- Oh, yes, mwoowoo ( moaning )

It's naturaly we develope full dialog during this act.
That's good communication :)
After her orgasm, I proposed.

- I wanna launch MVNO company called '' Tongue Mobile''. Are you in ?
- I am over and out.

Me too :))

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