Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Short advice to PR guy

Blues with 35 thesis for blog PR or PR blog or whatever.

During my drive home from Djurdjevac, come to my mind few thoughts.
Microcontent is described long time ago.

If we only think about small chunk of the content on the web ( blog posts, forum entries, CMS news, picturephoning etc ) like another microformat ( similar as these people define it ) , it has metadata.
We know Google thinks in terms of ''keywords''. Professionals ( journalists, copywriters ) who write for Web should fully understand metadata concept of microcontent and behave accordingly.

Google will add more metadata search later on, I am sure on that. Tim Berners Lee looked into this matter long time ago and name it semantic web. Who has a time for semantic, valid question.

PR guy the other day asked me about this, and it was main reason I wrote short guide for croatian PR guy, why he should care about blogs .

I replied that he should for the same reasons he spreads the message in traditional media and among audiences he chooses ( target public/audience ) , but this time you can envelope your message with metadata and the message is almost like microformat ( microcontent ) which gives more access to your data and it is ''automatic'' ( crawled with machines, and attributess of the message are extracted ) so you get speed, global spread, human response, word of the mouth, stickiness and pretty exact meassure of success
( Technorati, Nielsen BuzzMetrics , Google Analytics ).

Don't forget clean web links made by blog tools which brings you Google traffic.
Then I went further and compiled ( in croatian ) 35, as I call them ''thesis'', of how PR manager should respond to today's internet and which tactics to use.
I am not PR professional, but I am informed internet user and creator about the subject ( digital publishing, media, blogs ) so I am not afraid to speak out. Know a bit about PR, though ;)

Maybe my most radical idea to some ears would be, for God sake, don't follow Cluetrain manifesto. Forget it to oblivion.
Micro- this and micro-that wasn't mentioned in the paper :)
Microsoft for that :))

Let's get back to professionals who write for the web. Take digital news desks ( newspapers, TV stations, online magazines ) or columnist.
You are lucky media owner if you mandate your job applicants fluency and skills for metadata and microformats ( and hyperlinking articles ) .

Every article in the digital newspaper should have ''inside'' compiled metadata ( about author, time, topic, label, issue, edition, keywords, picture tagged, location etc.) , even though it should not be displayed to readers fully and all the time, but it should be available in the ''open'' web waters for free machine retrival ( RDF schema ) .

It brings traffic and gives visibility. I know it's illusion that every columnist and writer should care about semantic web but software can help you if common sense and lack of time doesn't : )

For PR guy I had a just one more advice at the end of my expose. Don't forget about flash banners.
Yes, flashy and obtrusive flash banners.

I was at first ( few years back ) against them , but I think if they give you value ( make you more informed, engaged with the brand itself ) , give them to your audience but be modest , just like in everything. Flash is now standard for marketing people, you should still stick to the text, but make combination is better.

Don't forget your message needs audience, and web properties you are interested in( brought to you by web barons ) should not be demonstration of ''digital maoism'' , but advertising funded ventures ;)

I become aware of The Great PR Blog Flop ( MS Vista and Edelman agency ).
Technorati and press releases is the way to go.

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