Saturday, 6 January 2007

Dial for podcasts

Call me, call me, hear the latest from me about fishing in cold water.

Podcasting and practice of amateur internet audio shows is around for some time, but as a concept it never scaled much into non-techie and elderly community.
Well, solution for the opposite is at hand and it is calling Podlinez - podcasts on every phone.
Every podcaster can link their RSS feed to dedicated number and start to grow their audience with phone calls ( it's only US right now ).
I've seen many complaints from techies that this is pretty pointeless service. Well, I think it's not.
Matthew Kaufman is the founder of Podlinez and I found his logical explanation :

I’m the founder of Podlinez and I’d agree that — as someone with a computer, an Internet connection, and an iPod — at first glance it seems pretty pointless.

But there’s two good use cases that we’re getting a lot of positive comments on… one is the person who has a cellphone, free minutes, free long distance, handsfree via bluetooth, and a few minutes to kill while sitting in traffic. They can listen to today’s stock market closing report or this weekend’s fishing report even though they didn’t sync up their iPod with the latest episode while at work.

And then there’s the computer-illiterate elderly and the infirm who couldn’t make it to church last Sunday, listening to their church’s latest sermon podcast on their home phone for the first time ever.

I have yet to meet a podcaster who doesn’t want the size of their potential audience to expand. But I agree, when I first thought of the idea my first reaction was “who’d want to do that, when there’s much better technical solutions?”

Here's comparison with similar service in US called FonPods. They are similar but different.
Phone companies ( in every country, the cost of call is important so I'm not talking about global service ) that are smart and know that their killer app is still voice, could arrange smart audio services and connect amateur produceres with audience just like some preacher Tony in US does with The Bible CallCast.
Who cares about iTunes and iPod. I certanly don't ;))
Like many ordinary phone users who do not care if people call this practice podcasting or something else.
Yes, I am aware of Melodeo but it's different pair of shoes.

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