Sunday, 21 January 2007

FOX News audio feed on the phone

After my reverend's speech, it's time for Fox News in the sunday morning.

It's no secret among my friends and ''club experts'' that I think ''podcasting/audioblogging for the average user'' ( shall we say, audio voice for distribution on the web and mobile ) is in the combination of mobile phone, dedicated call numbers, blog account and co-branding of mobile operator and blog service provider ( Dial-in Mobilecasting ) .

I am aware it's not for iPod and Mp3 freaks, but for different type of users. Those that prefere making web sites with Blogger or and not with PHP Fusion and other shiny CMSs.
FOX News in the US ( I found out today ) thinks similar. Reuters reports very briefly.
Fox News has rolled out a new service that will let anyone with a cell phone access an audio feed of the cable channel.

I stick to these concept even if I know many ridicule my approach on daily basis looking what's catch and who would use it.
I already wrote about Podlinez service in US and express my opinion for combining web and mobile with good old phone calling ( no data plan needed ).

It is working, it's simple, it's more or less cheap, and people could be using it for short audio clips distributed over the net, but heard on every mobile in the country.
This should be first phase for the rollout mobilecasting in a way Melodeo does.
But it'll take time for mp3 downloads on the phones.

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