Monday, 22 January 2007

Miscommunication with Twitter

San Francisco discovered SMS and short code but at the's all Web

Wrapped my thoughts today about Twitter.
It's unusual social web and mobile service coming from the Evan's garage. Not pure web play, not pure mobile play, not pure IM play. It tries to be ''something'' . For many, it's pointless and useless.
But is it so ? Internet fad comes to my mind.

I had a ''second coming'' effect, just today. But my negative attitude prevailed, although I tried to be positive .

Currently, it's low profile and simple service, but way too simple service that doesn't solve much of people's communication problems.
The buzz is around, even BBC jumped on the board.
It looks like Apple ''hive mind'' is hunting this web app along with such high profiled members from SF web community participating on Twitter.

IMHO, it is niche and it is another internet fad.
Why ?
It doesn't solve communication problems. Mobile communications and Web are not married.
This service can be global only on the web and not on mobile phones, and that's what I am interested at this moment.

So, I come up with my own solution ( concept ) , but it's strictly for my eyes ;))
Effective discussion is not possible with Twitter, it's not straightforward chat tool, it's not effective group organising tool etc.
Only networking and microformatting feature is straightforward, but I'm bit tired of so many ''friends'' ( favorites ) I have never met face-to-face ;))

Yahoo already launched service that pretends to be something similar and it's called MixD.
I didn't try it out.

Currently, I can's see much metadata about location, age, interest.
When you become twitter, you feel somehow isolated and banal, and don't find it much fun either.

How many people think and are curios to find out what I am doing now or what I have done during a day ?
Maybe few, but to find out that on Twitter.... There must be some other solution for that and the one that's more mobile friendly and accessible.
The above mentioned problem should be solved with mobile web in mind and not with SMS, IMHO.
Twitter will be my ongoing research. Hope to post more in the future .

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