Sunday, 7 January 2007

Publishing better global news online

Online publishing on high heels and with The Cover.

The BBC and The New York Times for digital/internet age and 21st century is here:


It's amazing news service that tooks concept of digital news aggregation as it allways should be done.
That's exactly what BBC and New York Times can't do because of its culture and business model or some start-up ( Newsvine ).
I might be overly enthusiastic, but I think Daylife has a concept for global internet news that is here to stay ( Google News, Topix, Newsvine and others were pioneers, but...) .

Look, they brought the concept of ''cover'' again as something really important. The main features are , Covers, Top Stories and My World.
That's transformation I havent's seen executed well in the internet before.
The global news industry is getting better ;))

Now, they need just to make PEOPLE ( editors, writers, producers, photographs ) and mobile phones somehow more involved into this project and they have winning position and become BBCs or CNNs of 21st century ;))
Without people it's only machine and it's not so relevant and if they don't do, FOX will do :))

I understand Craig Newmark and Jeff Jarvis are behind Daylife, and expectations are set high . The ''execution'' is the key ( no lazy people involved, please ) .
The founders should look at opportunities to mix up edited and user generated content. It's crucial to adopt philosophy of co-existence with ''old'' media .

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