Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Apple's phone

Attack without batak

Phone, a mobile phone like no other mobile phone. Phone with charisma , multi-touch and enormous multimedia capabilities.
iPhone from Apple.
@ Anno Domini 2007.
Now, where's my cell operator and fast wireless line ?
We'll see. It's still fresh to say anything about iPhone.

Apple is ahead of time. Design is revoulutionary, but I'm not getting who's here targeted customer ?
The mobile ecosystem is tough to crack.
This phone will need decent data rate plan. Oh, battery too.

I think implementation of iPhone by Apple will fail ( no significant market share ) but it will push design and network matters on the table for Nokias , Motorolas, Vodafones of the world.
iPhone is a ''tablet'', I've read in one review. It could be true.

But look at these, Apple fans made a blog with many pictures / concepts of iPhone out of their imaginations.
It is truly amazing and potential good scouting for Nokia, Motorola and Samsung executives ;)

We all forget to look about texting capabilities of iPhone. Tomi Ahonen has an open letter for Steve.

I like particulary this one:

So please, Apple, make sure your SMS text messaging ability is as good as the current crop of top-end phones. Recognize that SMS is used by busy executives who carry a laptop briefcase in one hand and operate their phone in the other hand as they hussle from the elevator to the cab; and by college students who send secret messages to their friends in class, with the phone out of view. Your iPhone will need texting ability that can be used single-handed, and without looking at the phone.

Do they in US acctually know something about SMS ? It could be mystery to them :)

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