Friday, 4 February 2005

Case Gotovina 1.00

Gotovina need's to be in Hague till 17th March. Gotovina Ante is croatian general and unresolved issue for croatian negotiation talks with EU for our membership in EU.
What's new today? National Security Council met late afternoon in Vila Weiss in Zagreb. The secret service presented their informations about the case. Lot's of hard air and noises around the meething room, I guess. They were all their. The president, the prime minister, security chiefs. It was like crisis meething. War room. The Politicians that gather . The Public is excluded. The media are hungry to get the snippets.
Few building and few miles away, young people with new housing contracts, were diging through "Watson" which is software specialized for security and tracking and presenting sensitive informations. The building is just some normal with dark glasses. It's not a thriller and I am not pretending to be thriller writer ;)

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