Saturday, 5 February 2005

Sharing Firefox/IE- more eyes for your browsing places

Jybe is interesting piece of software, above all free. It's a great tool for sharing your browser's view with others in real-time, so called sharing-screen technology.
I can imagine lots of useful actions with Jybe. They say it's very intuitive to use. Robin Good has a review.

Let's say, you collaborate with someone online, you both have Jybe toolbar in your favorite browser, and you create session where you both surf the same web page, one leads the action and does presentation etc.
Tutorial, explanations, short introductions, presentations...It can be done in real time. Suppose you have Skype for audio communication between collaborators and it could be great experience.

Take this, do some learning of how to set up some things over web hosting, or explaining how to use internet banking...The possibilities are endless.

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