Tuesday, 15 February 2005


Hello my mobile phone in year 2007 !

It's just terminal. A piece of silicon or plastic box with personal look and feel , nice colorfull screen and add on jackets ( to plug my accoustic guitar sometimes, just joking ;)
It's a cheap device, it's people's mobile phone.

You interact with your phone, at least so loud when you'are alone :))

How do you do ?
Thanks, fine, and you ? Here's what it ( Your mobile digital assistant) recommends to you today ; dial 1 for audio, dial 2 for video, dial 3 for text projections.
Think of it as an Amazon recommendation engine.

Splash...splash, roll out list and move your fingers over menu. If you don't like what you see, just create alert to the network for the content you are interested in and the alert should come down to the phone when it finds it( okey, let's not pretend, it should be power of the magnitude like Mobile Google ;))

Mobile phone has a storage of at least 20 GB. Strong battery life over 3 days after heavy use of mobile media.
The mobile phone cost is less than $ 200 . ( Flexotronics and MS )
It has streaming mode that allows access to various type of content ON DEMAND, with flat rate pricing or free content .
I need to have mobile operator that doesn't block ports. I need to have option and free will on my hands to install any application I want , let's put Skype for example on my headset , so, when I would move with my Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone in hot zones to be able to make calls over VOIP.

All the data on my phone must be enabled "to move around ". From my mobile to TV, mobile to PC, mobile to mobile, mobile to carriers network, for free and seamlessly. All my media files should be synched easly and have full backup and unbreakable security ( too much to ask ? )

My mobile phone should stream live feeds from web cameras and security cameras if need it. Take this for example, I have an appointed meeting with my friend in the coffeehouse and I want to check and connect over the public camera installed in the coffehouse and see who's there.

It's all other's content that is pulled/beign pushed to my phone. But wait a minute, I want to make MY CONTENT, I want to generate some content and show it to the world. I need the small digital mobile house, storage space and bandwith for which I pay as a bundled service to the operators/providers ( that provide acces or content ). Great, now I can connect the content to my blog content ( could be using LifeBlog or any other open source app with the same purpose ).

Now, I am making my media, and do I want this content to be licenced or free ? Tough question indeed !

To be continued...

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