Monday, 7 February 2005

Web entreprenuership - The restructuring phase

The internet is in a big evolution , I belive. I am focusing on business perspective here.

A lots of great apps, software and services but very little earning margins for those who made it happen. Is it again the argument about the lack of scarcity in web era which I like to preach people ?:))

The things are moving abroad ( I am not in the US but in Croatia, Europe) , and seems getting off US/North American centric view on internet business and e-commerce . The rest of the world is catching very fast. India and China and Asia in general. Sillicon Valley is losing second powerfull pillar ( outsourcing...). I think we ( in Croatia ;) will be wittnessing Venture Capital money going off US and North American Internet firms ( or at least in those with strong international operations ). It won't come here in Croatia. At least , not now ;)
Today's news I randomly saw aren't reliable argument for that. But wait, let's look at some of today's internet related news.
Ebay troubles with growth, is down on margins, CNET drops...
And who can deny Amazon report for their last quarter?
Where's the money in internet business tommorow ? Maybe somewhere out of US.

Powerful forces are at play. Cash out those Google options or stocks:))

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