Sunday, 30 January 2005

Geo-green alternative

It's sunday morning and the sunday's edition of New York Times. I found that Thomas Friedman become GEO-GREEN ?
You know, it's a stuff about clashing political ideas by the intellectual class. So, geo-green could be opposite of neocons :)) Ah, excuses! I don't know whether he's the first who used these term.
As he said in today's article:

The geo-greens believe that, going forward, if we put all our focus on reducing the price of oil - by conservation, by developing renewable and alternative energies and by expanding nuclear power - we will force more reform than by any other strategy. You give me $18-a-barrel oil and I will give you political and economic reform from Algeria to Iran. All these regimes have huge population bubbles and too few jobs. They make up the gap with oil revenues. Shrink the oil revenue and they will have to open up their economies and their schools and liberate their women so that their people can compete. It is that simple.

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