Sunday, 6 February 2005

Request for Qualifications Statement and Interest

It will be my public unofficial "Request for Qualifications Statement and Interest " RFQSI, for someone if it finds interesting. (At the end of the article is a note for the information that must be supplied in mail.)
The Project would be web application based on LAMP , usefull for the internet users and in the end, I belive, acceptable and popular by end users here in Croatia.
But the details could be obtained only via mail. So, please do mail me.

An idea is boiling in my head for some time. It's about an usefull internet service currently needed in Croatia. The concept is clean and ready but only in preliminary phase and not certain it will be for real.. Those who think can contribute to the project with their resources ( programming skills, dedicated hosting, user interface, server administration etc. ) are invited to mail.
It's only first phase, the concept is copyrighted and under trademark, so it's not for grab by greedy internet sharks. Just for note...

Personally, I don't belive someone will initiate interest into it, but who knows...

Please do note, the above mentioned statement must contain following information :

a.) Name and surname,
b.) Telephone number ( fixed line and mobile ),
c.) short summary of what do you offer ,
d.) your skills in web application development, design, or building and designing
internet services and web pages, and any other skill you find could be of
interest in the project,
e.) what do you do currently ( job description or unemployed etc.)

If you find this requirements too formal for your taste, then just move on and leave this blog. And if you'll ask only what I have to offer, then we won't dissuss the project at all, since this is only preliminary phase.

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