Monday, 21 February 2005

The Queen of Blogosphere

Associated Press ran an interesting story about Mena Trott, cofounder of Six Apart ( the biggest blogging company for burning cash into thin air ) , who seems to be just one of the many narcisist ( or shall I call it ambitious ) floating around blogosphere.
Interesting facts to read on the sideline of the blogosphere .
The qoute says all

"We realized pretty quickly that we wanted to influence the future of blogging," Mena Trott said. "We would have felt terrible if blogging became something big and we ended up only being a footnote."


anil said...

Burning cash into thin air?

Zec said...

Well, in a short, yes. Show me the money?
After you strip down VC money-back, what's left ? Sure, Nokia will buy it but as a sole company? I haven't seen your financial record yet.
No offence, of course. I am as well one oof the blogging die-hard fans , so I would be happy that you earn a living over there at Six Apart.