Sunday, 7 November 2004

When diplomats write blogs !

Another blogging scandal shakes croatian web space, specifically blogosphere.
Apparently according to media reports croatian diplomat in Washington wrote anonymously weblog/online journal in which he revealed many details about his personal life and what's more troubling, insider information about work for croatian diplomatic stuff in the United States.

The trouble is , he could be a son of a known croatian TV journalist according to some media reports. The blog was deleted from internet ( apparently by its author but the content is still available on Google cache.

Croatian daily Vecernji list picked up story which came on the surface from croatian weblog service
Croatian bloggers read for months blog called "Diplomat in the USA ".

Now, media and bloggers are speculating that this blog wrote Vibor Kalogjera ( his blog was at address and has revealed on comments on other blogs that he's working in the ambassade ) , son of the well known croatian correspondent for Croatian television in Washington -Silvija Luks.

Silvija Luks covered US presidential elections recently, and was accused this week about lack of profesionalism for her reporting from Washington.
It's obviouse that this is an example of irresponssible and naive blog writing revealing too much.

The most troubling words he wrote on his blog when he said that they were laughing Americans and the waitress in the bar. Is someone for diplomatic blogging scandal, perhaps ?

In my view, this is now moment when croatian blogosphere is approaching tipping point and when it's starting to be force not only for valuable purposes but for doing damage to people.

Therefore, it is legitim starting discussion about bloggers ethics here in Croatia before someone gets hurt.

For those who aren't familiar with emerging blogosphere here in Croatia, it has differences to foreign blogosphere. The most popular blogging service in Croatia is BLOG.HR which started to educate people about blogs and offer them place for setting up free blogs.
The difference is that in the 6 months blogosphere becomes more information -oriented ,at least according to impact scale ( not communication, learning, projects...) and a true citizen reporting started to raise some seriose questions. The main questions are related to some legal issues ; libel , invasion of privacy and author's intellectual property.

After all, we are small country and the information is spreading very fast over net.
Therefore, it's a need having some sort of disscusion about blogers ethics before it is too late and people get hurt.

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