Sunday, 14 November 2004

PBS and Balkan blogs

Strange, PBS producers happened to mention Zec Online Journal blog in his Frontline World series.
Drax blog and Zec Online were profiled on their select blog listings .

Zec Online Journal
A young blogger writes about life in Croatia and expresses his feelings about the November 2004 elections in the United States.

They picked up my writing about US presidential elections and I must say I was vindicated by correct predictions of the ultimate outcome ;)
After more search I have found out that Frontline World produced by PBS is :

Developed by FRONTLINE producers in conjunction with public television stations KQED San Francisco and WGBH Boston, FRONTLINE/World is a national public TV series that turns its lens on the global community, covering countries and cultures rarely seen on American television.


Dragan said...


We are getting famous, aren't we? :)

Zec said...

Oh, sure we do ;) but who cares :))