Friday, 5 November 2004

Short on words

US presidential elections are among ordinary people here - already passe. Today, silence and not much talk about Bush and election. Nobody seems to be willing to recycle these issues.

Croatian media are somehow shy about their analysis of foregone election. Maybe there's more than enough reasons for the above mentioned behaviour.
One reason is that we have our own media stories currently at the spotlight, croatian foreign minister Zuzul is accused of corruption, and the second reason might be that croatian presidential elections, scheduled for January next year , are becoming hotter to watch.

General wisdom says ( and all relevant polls) that president Mesic does have very clear chances to win these elections.
Only for note, I made several contacts few months ago with president's advisers and offer them blogging strategy as a part of online presentation for upcoming election.

After few weeks, I got the phone call from Pantovcak that they are not interested into "blogging thing".
So, it's still not prime time for presidential blogging here in Croatia.


Dragan said...

They'll be interested after Kosor gets one.

Zec said...

Yes, it could be true ! Or some other candidate will start it( Letica ?)...But that was their decision, their missed chance, I've offered only to them cause I thought his style " coffee with citizens " would be on the same trail , only this time achieved online.