Saturday, 27 November 2004

Mobile scent

After music melodies and pictures for alerting mobile phone owners about incoming calls , now there's available another "signaling" mode, namely smell !

It was only matter of time, I guess. Remember those "refreshers" hanging in a car ? I remember how croatian workers , coming on holidays from Germany during second part of 20th century, were introducing this refreshers inside cars and after that almost every Ficho ( Zastava car ) had a one in place :))
The smells out of mobile phone ornamentsare , you know already, Japan's invention deep-seeded in their Ketai ( wireless) culture.
It can stink or it can have nice aroma :)) I wonder will it be used for diversions in public spaces ;)

I can easly see how fashion industry could jump on that bandwagon. Simply put, fragrance manufacurers and designers could have millions of people available for advertising and promotion. Look someone is calling me , it's Gabriela Sabatini parfume and I know who's calling ;))

Just like music industry used opportunity to sell ringtones and make great promotions for their contractors ( musicans), the fashion industry could use it for obvious reasons.

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