Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Web marketing myths I heard, yay!

Few mistakes noted when speaking with some PR/ marketing people here in Croatia. I saw an enormouse misunderstanding regarding marketing on the web.
These people are terrible wrong with the nature of doing online advertising and presentation. I am deeply convinced of that.
So many myths I heard from them.

They are deeply in this " banner" web shit. I

t doesn't work for most advertisers on the net. Capito ? Big , well-known companies can use the classical banner/type of advertising on the web as a mean to build awareness for the company on the web as yet another chanel having in mind their marketing mix strategies ( TV, radio, web, print..).
The first and foremost mistake these people are doing is that they just don't understand that internet is not mass media. It's not. No, seriously! I mean it. The web is not mass media, and the people on the web are not crazy about mass messages. Stop.

The second myth I tried to debunk in their minds is pure concept of advertising as known in other media like TV, radio, print.

A type of mindset which is present mostly in middle -size businesses with more growth potential and "easy" marketing budget available for selling growth story in the media ( advertising products and services ).
Often is the case that the plan is to slice the marketing budget pie ( either they'll do it alone or "experts" from PR agencies will do ) and burn the cash for advertising on the web. It's only "advertising " for them. A huge , ineffective ADvertising. Stop. It doesn't work because they are focusing on "space", not search engines,Yay strategice alliances , rich and relevant message...oh, and mostly on the wrong places on the web.

Third, who needs flashy , blinking, loud, and has hippy colors ( and fucking ugly rainbow ) ? Nobody. Ok, some of them think it's cool. It's about taste ,too. But , generaly, forget it ! Consuming content doesn't go with that.
The ad should be cleare, exhaustive, focused, organized...Stop.

Wait a minute, why I am giving and writing this !
I won't anymore.

One day, people will eventually find these misconception alone, by error and trials ;))
There's so many web marketing myths I heard I couldn't belive it.
Yay !

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