Wednesday, 24 November 2004

Blogging words flame over Balkan !

Bosnia's blogging. is in beta testing .
This is a third blogging service ( web based ) made exclusively for Balkan and southeastern Europe ( as some would like to call ''slavic langauges '' )
The first was croatian BLOG.HR blogging service, and the second was ''mojblog''.
The common for all three seems to me is that they have an idea source in the BLOG.HR, but that's not the issue now.
They are here and work fine for the bloggers. I tried yesterday and seems to me it's a very good and clean web based service for novice bloggers.
It has only simple features ( no RSS and categories ) and works pretty fast. I was thinking to write few observation but I'm tired right now, so maybe next time.
One thing's sure, Bosnia is becoming web- diary land :))

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Seesaw said...

Yes, Croatia and Bosnia are definitely on blogs. It is catching, and not only there, but in Montenegro too. Only Serbia is lagging behind.