Monday, 29 November 2004

Top blogging service

I am sure, BlogSpirit is currently the best web based blogging tool in the world.

Forget for a moment about TypePad ( which isn't free ) and or closed blogging gheto services
( LiveJournal ). Blogspirit is free with the same simplicity and power ( just like many blog scripts), and much , much better then Blogger.
It's up and running as of today. Very warm recommendation to the people to let try this clean, easy to use and features rich blogging experience.

It's very fast and full customizations available. It's made by the team of people who know a lot about blogging, web publishing and the whole blogging ecosystem. Everything is considered and nothing left to coincidence, very carefully planned and executed , indeed.

It's the best blogging tool for the novice and for the advanced bloggers, in my view ( exept for those very advanced and with different requeriments such as domain name etc..who can have their WordPress running).
BlogSpirit is just great and I am sure time will prove my words ;))

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