Saturday, 21 April 2007

Web Balkanisation

The Web is split up

Stephen Wellman from InformationWeek was among the crowd in the auditorium during Google presentation about mobile applications and service and quotes Google user experience designer Leland Rechis who said:

''Rechis said, bluntly, that the mobile Web is balkanized, "The Pangaea of the Web is gone." And don't expect this to change anytime soon, either. Thanks to carrier portals and off portal applications, there is no one mobile standard to develop for.''

Read, Google thinks there's a two-tier Web and it won't be reversed fact.
I realised this one year ago when they labeled their search as ''Web'' and ''Mobile Web''.
Tim Berners Lee is strongly against this view but it's a simple truth.

Paul Golding even thinks we can't call it ''Mobile Web'' either. Maybe we should wait DoCoMo to define it :))

Follow up:
What term Pangaea means

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