Saturday, 21 April 2007

VoiceIndigo preloaded podcasts support

Audio- centric mobile service

Samsung UpStage will be the first mobile phone by the global handset maker preloaded with podcasting software provided by VoiceIndigo with its catalogue service and advertising solution.

The service will be free for the consumer ( but not for Sprint ).
This solution is enabled for Sprint users in USA.

The trouble I have with those sort of services is web-based management of the subscription service.
It must me managable from the very same device from which you are occasionally listen audio content.

Latest edition of MobileMedia here in Croatia showed on the main page Beyonce Knowles holding dual-faced Samsung UpStage ( SPH-M620 ) phone. It's clearly phone for mobile entertainment.

VoiceIndigo podcasting app is only one feature but of equal importance just like Bluetooth or 1,3 Mpx camera.


Rob Greenlee said...

While I agree that this deal is great for mobile podcasting and I do think this great for VoiceIndigo. It is not the first pre-intall deal. Melodeo Mobilcast wwas the first with the pre-intall ddeal with the UK operator 3 in NNokia N73 phones as part of the X-series bundle. That deal was deployed 3 months ago. Rob Greenle -http:\\

Zec said...

Thanks to Rob for this correction