Tuesday, 3 April 2007

From Nokia's mouths

Those bluddy amateurs :)

An interview with Nokia's vice president of Nseries Computers Pekka Pohjakallio about iPhone.

Rare opportunties to hear about iPhone.
He admits Apple implemented some things differently.
"We have been preaching the message of converged multimedia in one device, with lots of use cases and a good experience for the whole life of Nseries. And now Apple have come and said basically the same thing, even if they have implemented some things differently.


"They had music, internet, an email deal with Yahoo and a deal with Google, but it is a 2G device, not 3G, which was a surprise to me," he says. "And it's coming first to the US market with Cingular, so let's see. But overall, it's very exciting for us."

But my biggest question for Apple about iPhone is why Apple created a "internet device" running on ISDN speeds ?
How will they connect iTunes library and multimedia rich iPhone without high-speed wirelles tech ?

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